1st Baby Play Gym Loullou Natural | Dapper Mr Bear
1st Baby Play Gym Loullou Natural | Dapper Mr Bear
1st Play Baby Gym Natural
1st Play Baby Gym Natural (only 1 left!)
1st Play Baby Gym Natural (only 1 left!)

1st Play Baby Gym Natural (only 1 left!)


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Loullou Natural Play Gym

1st Play by Danish brand Loullou will awake your little ones imagination and encourage their appetite for exploring. Hang your baby’s favourite toy in the bar and let them develop their coordination.

1st play improves senses, it’s soft and warm to touch, it catches their eyes with natural colours and it tickles their tiny noses with the smell of wood.

1st Play is made from 12mm birch veneer plywood that comes from FSC certified suppliers in EU. It is not “poisoned” with toxic paints or varnish. They use all natural eco-certified paints to colour them and beeswax to give them a soft polished finish. Nothing unnatural is added and there are no disturbing noises or lights to confuse your baby.

1st Play is a straightforward and easy-to-build baby gym without the use of screws or glue.

Assemble me: With an easy-to-build interlocking system You simply place the bar between the two frames - make sure the holes are facing down. Use the two coloured wedges to hold the gym together. Give the wedges a knock to make sure the gym is fastened right.

With a beautiful and appealing look you can finally have a play gym for your little ones that you don't want to put away. 1st Play is beautiful Danish design that fits in with the rest of the interior.

Materials: 12mm. Untreated Birch plywood veneer. Wedges dyed with eco-friendly natural earth colors and treated with organic beeswax and walnut oil. Measurements: 450mm. X 450mm. 750mm. Made in DK/EU.

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